Sunday Morning Impact Group

Sundays 9:45 - 10:45 am

Job - Rm 100, College/Career (Bruce & Auni Strong)

"A Study of the Parables" - Rm 101, Adults (Garry Repp)

Camino Hacia la Madurez - Rm 102, Adults (Pastor David)

James - Library, Women (Rose Prather)

"You'll Get Through This" & "The Life of David" - Downtown Coffee Company, Adults (Dan Geary)

Our Sunday School environment is all about growing in your relationship with Christ. We strive to provide biblical instruction with practical life application through a variety of curriculum and topics. We encourage adults to not only try a variety of classes, but to feel free to change classes periodically to explore a new topic.


Questions? Contact the Church Office

(402) 371 - 6253